4 Important Things To Consider When Planning A Frameless Shower Door Installation

Homeowners who are planning a bathroom remodel project might want to consider a frameless shower door installation. These can add value to homes and improve their appearance. Many modern-day homes have frameless shower doors, and they can make older homes appear newer. Upgrading to a shower door enclosure is an investment that most homeowners expect to last for many years. This is why time should be taken to choose the right features. The following points identify a few things to keep in mind.


Homeowners may be able to get their frameless shower door installed in the area of their choice. This will be based on the size of their bathrooms. Individuals who want a drastic remodel may choose to get the shower in a different location. Homeowners who intend to keep their bathtubs might want to consider a corner shower. However, the installer can review their options with them.

Type of Glass

There are different types of glass. Some individuals like the appearance of frosted glass. There are others who want traditional glass. Patterned and textured glass are also options. They offer more privacy than clear glass. A shower door installer can provide samples, which can be helpful when selecting glass.

Glass Thickness

The available budget might affect the thickness options. Thicker glass will be sturdier than thin glass, but it is also likely to cost more. Individuals can also opt for glass that isn't thick or thin. This type of glass is usually a mid-range price. The installation company may also be able to order custom-made glass that can be designed according to the homeowner's specifications. This means that individuals may be able to get thicker glass than they can find from mass-produced options.

Door Style

The door style will determine how the doors operate. Some doors swing out and in like traditional home doors. There are also sliding doors. The installation company can explain the differences in door styles. Some door styles are not a good fit for certain bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms are likely to be limited to the door style that is best. 

A shower door enclosure installation company is a good resource to use to learn more about enclosures. They can help homeowners choose the best type of glass based on the size of their bathrooms. They can also help them compare frameless and framed shower enclosure designs. One perk is that frameless options are easier to clean because there is no frame for soap scum to get trapped in.