How To Use Dumpster Rentals To Declutter Your House And Yard

A dumpster rental comes in handy for all kinds of cleanup jobs around your house. It's amazing how much junk and clutter you can accumulate over time. The clutter can make your home feel cramped and messy.

If you want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, you may need to part with things that are worn out, broken, out of style, or just in the way because you never use them. Here are some tips for using rental dumpsters to declutter your property.

Start With A Small Dumpster To Make Fast Progress

Decluttering can be so overwhelming that you give up before you start. Rather than create a huge job for yourself, start small. Clean the large things out of a single room first and then fill the rest of the dumpster with small stuff from around your house.

This eliminates a lot of clutter if you just keep throwing things in until a small dumpster is full. Plus, a small dumpster is less expensive.

Rent For A Shorter Period If You're On A Budget

Once you've experienced your first decluttering session, you may be fired up to do more. You may want to bag trash up first and stack it somewhere so you can fill your next dumpster rental quickly and rent it for fewer days.

Depending on the services available in your area, you might be able to rent a dumpster by the day, weekend, week, or longer. If you're highly organized, renting by the day might be all you need, and it will also save you money.

However, be sure to compare dumpster rental rates. The daily rate drops the longer you rent, so renting the entire weekend may not cost much more than renting by the day.

Declutter Your Yard And Trim Trees Too

While getting the inside of your home decluttered and organized is a high priority, don't forget about your yard. You may have toys or furniture in the yard that are faded by the sun, cracked, or moldy from rain. Clear out all the debris in your yard and then start trimming overgrown trees and shrubs.

If you hire a tree trimming service, they should haul away the debris, but if you trim your yard yourself, you can put the tree debris in a rental dumpster. Just be sure to ask if you can mix branches with household goods because you may need to keep them separate.

You might also need to trim the branches to make them smaller and less bushy so they are flat in the dumpster and don't poke up over the top.

If you're highly motivated and have help, you may want to rent a large dumpster and keep it for several days so you can declutter your house and yard at the same time.

If you like to work slower, then take your time and do a little at once until the job is complete. Going slowly takes longer, but you'll eventually have a house that feels much better and looks nicer once the clutter is gone.

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