Working On A Fixer-Upper? Pick An Oversized Dumpster Rental

Taking on interior and exterior projects in a fixer-upper you recently purchased can take weeks or even months. You may need a place to dispose of furniture, features, building supplies, and building materials during this time—because piling everything up in your home is not ideal.

Renting a dumpster will give you the space to throw these items away. A smart move is to rent an oversized one because it will provide several valuable benefits.


While demolishing parts of your fixer-upper, you will appreciate being able to walk outside and toss everything into a dumpster. An oversized dumpster is advantageous because you will not need to worry about breaking down features and supplies into small pieces. The huge dumpster size also allows you to throw things into the dumpster without many strategies.

Working on multiple large projects can take up a lot of time. So, you will love how much time savings a large dumpster can provide by making the demolition process quick and easy.


Whether you are working on all projects at once or taking on one room or area at a time, you may plan on spending weeks or months on everything. A big dumpster makes it possible to use a single dumpster throughout the entire process and saves you from multiple trips.

With multiple trips, you may need to take a break on the pick-up and drop-off day because you may fill up the dumpster while working. An oversized dumpster provides ample flexibility because you know it will provide enough space for everything you are working on.


A dumpster rental company will invest around the same time and effort into bringing over a small, medium, or large dumpster. Naturally, you will find that prioritizing a larger rental provides better value regarding the dollar per square footage of dumpster space. This opens up the chance to minimize costs with a single large dumpster over a small one with multiple trips.


After buying a fixer-upper, you may want to make the place comfortable and livable for your family as soon as possible. Every minute or hour that you can save will make a difference, especially when you are doing a lot of the work on your own or as a family. A huge dumpster allows you to focus entirely on the remodel after you have it delivered until you are finished.

Go with an oversized dumpster rental for an ideal experience with working on your fixer-upper.