Should You Rent A Dumpster For Your Outdoor Wedding?

One of the great things about a dumpster rental is the ability to rent one for nearly any occasion. People often employ dumpster rental services when they are doing a home renovation or other project, or when they are needing an additional dumpster for their property because the city doesn't provide one or they want additional dumpster care. A dumpster rental includes the dumpster rental itself and then the removal of the dumpster when it's full — a replacement dumpster is provided if it's part of the contract — or the emptying of the dumpster.

With your outdoor wedding coming up, considering where all the extra garbage will go from your event is key. Your dumpster rental services company can be of assistance and help you get the most out of your situation and keep your garbage cleanup under control. Here is why you should rent a dumpster for your outdoor wedding.

The Dumpster Will Be a Discreet Addition to the Event​

A dumpster rental will not negatively impact your wedding event. The dumpster rental can be placed near the parking lot or away from normal guest traffic so it doesn't take away from the ambiance of your wedding. If anything, a dumpster rental impacts your outdoor wedding in a positive way by allowing guests to better manage their waste at your large event and by keeping trash off the ground.

A Dumpster Rental Will Make Cleanup Much Easier​

At a normal wedding event, you are responsible for the cleanup of the space you rent, or you risk losing a deposit or may even have to pay a fine. The same can be said for an outdoor wedding as well, only here's the best benefit of dumpster rental services: you don't have to worry about the garbage once it's in the bin. The dumpster rental company will come and remove the dumpster when you are done with it or bring you another unit if you fill your original one, pending the availability of spare units. Your only responsibility is ensuring your guests use the bin or that you have someone in your wedding cleanup crew empty garbage cans into the dumpster.

Dumpster rental services vary depending on the size of the dumpster you rent, what day you rent it on — holidays and weekend rentals may cost more — and other factors. Your dumpster rental services company will give you a quote for their services before bringing you a dumpster.