Cleaning Your Loved One's Estate

Following the passing of a loved one, you may need to arrange for their house and property to be cleaned out. While the loss of a loved one can always be a very stressful time, having an effective estate cleanout plan can help to make this experience go more easily.

Salvage Important Items As Soon As Possible

In the aftermath of the loss of your loved one, you will want to visit their home to determine whether there are any especially important items that should be retrieved. While many of their possessions would have been listed in their will, there may be a variety of smaller items that were not important enough to include. Touring the property of your loved one will allow you to look for these sentimental items so that you can retrieve them before they become lost or are thrown away. While this can be an emotionally trying experience, it can be a critical step for recovering items that hold sentimental value to you.

Prepare for Any Storage That May Be Needed

Whether you are needing family members to come and collect items or to hold valuable items until an estate sale can be held, there is often a need for additional storage. When choosing a storage provider for these items, opting for one that provides climate-controlled units can reduce the risk of them suffering damage or degrading during the time that they are stored. This is particularly true for items that could be vulnerable to damage from excessive humidity, heat, or pests.

Hire an Estate Cleanout Service

Once the most important items have been removed from the house, it will be necessary to clean them so that any remaining items, junk, or trash can be removed. Depending on the size of the house and the assets that your loved one had, this could be a daunting amount of work to have to oversee. Luckily, you do not have to handle this step by yourself due to the option of hiring an estate cleanout service. These professionals are able to quickly and efficiently clean the interior of the house and remove the junk or other items that are not needed anymore. While there will be costs involved with these services, it can be a small expense to avoid having to handle this work on your own so that you may focus on your family and the emotional healing that you may require after this loss.