4 Places You Should Avoid Placing Your Dumpster Rental

If you plan to clean or declutter your house, getting a dumpster can help manage the waste. Generally, dumpster rentals make home cleanup easy, convenient, and cheap. But if you have never used a dumpster before, you will need to consider the best place to put it. The last thing you want is to put your dumpster in the wrong place and face inconveniences or lawsuits. This article will highlight the top four places where you should never place your local dumpster rental to ensure you get a bang for your buck.

1. Sloped Surfaces

It is one thing to have an empty dumpster rental on a slope and another when the same container is full of trash. A dumpster on an incline could slide or tip over. Besides giving you additional work of collecting the spilled waste, a dumpster tip-over could cause serious injuries to anyone passing nearby. The most secure place to place your dumpster is on a flat surface.

2. On Your Neighbor's Property

A dumpster offers you an easy way to dispose of construction debris, old furniture, and after-party junk. However, placing your dumpster on your neighbor's property may lead to problems. This is especially true if you are disposing of potentially harmful waste. To avoid causing problems with your neighbors, ensure your dumpster is exclusively sitting on your property. This way, you will have the freedom to clean and declutter your home without worrying about inconveniencing your neighbors.

3. On the Street

When you have limited residential space, the first thing that you may consider is placing the waste container on the roadside. Is this allowed? Generally, you can put your dumpster on the street. But you might have to get a dumpster permit from relevant authorities first. Well, this is pretty easy and cheap. You should ask your local dumpster service whether you should get a permit and how to get it. Again, it is prudent to talk to your neighbor to ensure they are okay with it.

4. Soft Ground

If you have settled on a specific location to put your waste container, ensure you have counter-checked it to ensure it is strong and stable enough to hold its weight. You do not want to place a dumpster on soggy ground where it can sink and damage your plumbing, septic, or irrigation systems.

Proper dumpster rental placement is essential for keeping your home clean and safe. Work with a local dumpster firm—such as Affordable Dumpsters—if you need a local dumpster rental but are unsure where to place it. The waste management professional can offer affordable dumpster rental services and help you decide the right place to put it to avoid inconveniences.