5 Reasons To Do Construction Recycling

Construction and demolition waste is a huge and growing problem. While some scrap can be used as an alternative, much of it goes to landfills or incineration with negative consequences for the environment and public health. However, the benefits of construction recycling are numerous. It reduces the need for natural resource extraction, provides jobs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and provides a sustainable product that can be used in many industries like housing, road construction, and more. Learn how construction recycling can save your business time and money by reading on.

1. Conserve Landfill Space 

Landfills are becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain, especially with the tremendous amount of waste generated every day. Construction waste is one of the most problematic materials in landfills because it can take many years to decompose. Additionally, landfills are a big source of methane emissions in the United States. Construction recycling helps conserve landfill space by providing a sustainable alternative to landfills and incinerators. 

2. Reduce Greenhouse Emissions 

Greenhouse gas emissions are a serious problem for the environment and public health. Greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for many environmental problems today, such as climate change, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification. Landfill and incineration emissions contribute significantly to these problems. Construction recycling is a sustainable alternative that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and incinerators significantly. 

3. Reduce Personal Harm   

Landfills and incinerators have been linked to many health problems, especially those caused by harmful chemicals like dioxins and furans. These dangerous chemicals can migrate into the surrounding soil and water, contaminating the local ecosystem. Construction recycling reduces the need for harmful chemicals in landfills and incinerators, reducing personal harm. 

4. Enjoy Tax Benefits   

One of the most significant benefits of construction recycling is the tax advantage. By recycling construction waste, businesses can save money on their taxes because they can write off the cost of recycling construction waste. Additionally, some states allow businesses to receive tax credits for construction recycling. Check with your state and local government to see if you qualify for these incentives. 

5. Become an Eco-friendly Brand   

Construction recycling is a great way for businesses to show that they are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By offering construction recycling services, businesses can position themselves as eco-friendly brands in the eyes of their customers, who will be more likely to support them in the future. 

Are you worried about where to dispose of the debris generated by construction? Talk to a garbage removal service about construction recycling for optimal waste management.

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